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TBC009 & TBC9 wallets are supported.

TBC/Kringle Exchange is programmed to convert TBC to USDT in a simple, safe and secured process. Our platform converts TBC and Kringle from TBC9 and TBC009 Wallets. It is built both for converting TBC to USDT, receiving and transferring TBC, Kringle Assets and BTC funds.

How it Works

How to exchange with us.

Sign Up/Login

Register with us. Log & Activate your account to start.

Select Wallet

Select wallet for your exchange TBC9 or TBC009

Pay Fee

Pay required exchange fee in USDT, ETH, BITCOIN or TRX.

Receive Outcome

We deliver the exchange outcome to your account in less than 2 hours


What We Do Our Latest Services

Your benefits for having us.

50% Instant

Kringle Staking

Stake your kringle with other coins, ETH, BITCOIN, TRON or KST and get full USDT value.



Swap Kringle Stake Tokens (KST) to spendable stable USDT. Fast and seamless it is.

Kringle Exchange

Kringle to USDT

Exchange Kringle with the best rates to USDT. Pay Fees in ETH, TRON or BITCOIN

Kringle Stake Token

Buy KST / Kringle

Take part in the future by buying the Kringle Stake Token that can be swapped to USDT

Cross Wallet Support

TBC009 & TBC9

TBC9 and TBC009 wallets are supported in our Exchange modules with the best rates.

Referral Policy

$10 Referral Reward

Get rewarded of $10 anytime your referral starts using our services. Great! isn't it?

Global Features

Universal Coverage

Our Exchange operation is dynamically operating world wide without limits.

Highly Secured

Security Guaranteed

Our operational system and wallet services are fully secured and encrypted

Our Testimonials What’s Clients Say

knows About Our Client Experience

Wow!!! This is great. I have fallen for many scams in the past and I was afraid to try this but I'm happy and convinced now. This is great. It is all we want in TBC Community just to exchange our kringle, I dont mind paying the fees. I'm From Turkey

ibrahim Esen,

I love this website but I think that the rate of exchange is high.


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You can exchange kringles from TBC9 and TBC009 wallets. Our exchange system is multi compatible with kringle wallets

Yes, Exchange fee can be discounted for higher exchange amounts. If your exchange amount is high enough, you can be allowed to make a discounted or instalmental exchange.

Exchange fees are paid in USDT, Bitcoin, Ethereum or TRON to the wallet address displayed on the website. Exchange outcomes are paid to you in Bitcoin

Exchange duration is 2 hours. Clients who prefer accelerated or instant exchange are required to pay a $200 fee for the service.

All payouts are processed instantly and dispatched within 1 to 10 minutes after the request

You can stake KST, BITCOIN, ETHEREUM and TRON with kringle at 50% requirement.

Yes, KST purchased or earned in other kringle platforms are transferable here. Chat the Admin to assist you technically

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